Some are overwhelmed by the thought of meditating. It’s come a long way in the past decade but prior to that, meditation wasn’t seen as something that’s as easily accessible as it is now. Many people thought they had to go somewhere to meditate or that if they moved or got distracted, they weren’t meditating properly. Neither of these is true. Meditation isn’t a strict practice and like most things, if you don’t make your meditation practice… you won’t continue to do it. 

First off, relax and take a deep breath and know that there is no WRONG way to meditate. Here are some helpful tips to get you started as you prepare yourself for meditation:

  1. Find a quiet space and time of day where you are not disturbed. Find a place that is quiet and away from distractions and interruptions. Give yourself time and space without your cellphone.
  2. Choose the time of day that suits you best. Some people meditate in the morning as a start to the day., while others meditate in the evening before going to bed because it helps to relax them. Regardless of what time of the day works for you, it’s advised that you meditate at the same time every day.  
  3. Gather any meditation items that you will use such as candles, incense, essential oils, singing bowl, prayer wheel, mala beads, etc. These items are to aid you in relaxing and setting the mood to begin your meditation.
  4. Position yourself where you are comfortable. Generally, we associate meditating with sitting cross-legged on the floor. While this is a great position for posture, one can sit on a chair. Just make sure that you maintain a good posture for meditation.
  5. Set a timer unless you are using Mala beads. If you don’t use any meditation aids such as mala beads, set a timer for at least 15 minutes. Good meditation time is 20-30 minutes per day. Some people choose to meditate for longer time periods.  
  6. Take a deep breath in and breathe out slowly. This process helps to relax your mind and prepare the mind, body, and spirit for meditation.
  7. Say a prayer to set your intention for your meditation. This focuses on what you want to meditate on.
  8. Begin your meditation. Namaste!

Remember that you can personalize your practice to make yourself the most comfortable. There is no right way to meditate, if you feel like laying down to meditate, do that. Here is a good article on mindfulness meditation and how it is beneficial for anyone!