Health Benefits Associated with Celebrating the Sun

Spending time outdoors in the summer is good for health and wellness. Generally, every summer we spend a lot of time in the sun.

Our bodies absorb its rays providing an all-natural dose of vitamin D. We grab a hat, sunscreen, and sandals to enjoy a leisurely sun-filled day.  Basking in the sun or leisurely under a shade tree while reading a book, swimming, gardening, or just relaxing lowers stress. Spending the day with family and friends by having a picnic or a cookout, telling stories, playing outdoor games, hiking, etc. is healthful for the heart. 

These activities strengthen and enhance relationships and create wonderful memories of the time spent together.

Even planning a vacation is beneficial as it promotes a sense of happiness. Health benefits associated with an annual vacation include:

  1. Reduced stress
  2. A better attitude about life
  3. Greater motivation and success in achieving goals
  4. Lower heart disease risk

The relaxation from a vacation helps to increase mental capacity and decrease burnout. Planning a vacation provides excitement in deciding where to go and the process of organizing the trip.  Getting away from work reduces stress and anxiety even while planning that vacation.  Other activities of summer that benefit health and wellness include festivals and fairs, outdoor farmer’s markets, concerts, ball games, and family reunions.   

Tell us what you’re doing this Summer for your health! School may be back in session, or is approaching quickly, but you can still take a long weekend away. Can’t wait to hear how you’re spending your summer.