Red Agate Bead Gemstone Bracelet


Good for balancing emotional, physical and intellectual energy.  Believed to harmonize yin and yang.  Agate promotes inner stability, composure, and maturity. Its warm, protective properties encourage security and self-confidence.

Size:  8mm

Weight:  .01 lbs.


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Red Agate is a soothing, calming and grounding stone.  Agate is a common term for a distinctly banded fibrous chalcedony.  Red Agate, like other agates, works slowly yet brings great strength.  It helps build self-confidence.  Red Agate is helpful for blood disorders, circulation problems, and excessive bleeding.  Use Red Agate to aid with menstrual problems.  This gemstone assists with fertility and a healthy pregnancy.  Use Red Agate to heal the digestive and lymphatic systems.  It is effective for those suffering from bulimia and anorexia.  Red Agate eliminates and transforms negative energies.  Placed on abdomen or taken as an elixir, Red Agate stimulates digestion.  Use Red Agate to help eyes, stomach, uterus, pancreas and skin disorders.  Wear or carry Red Agate to experience these benefits.*

*The gemstones shown on this site are products of nature, and as such, they are subject to natural variations in color, veining, and spotting.  While all our gemstones are beautiful, they can vary, and the product shown in the picture may not match exactly to the product you may receive. However, all orders placed with Terram Olei Wellness have a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

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Weight 0.01 lbs
Dimensions 0.250 × 0.250 × 0.020 in


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