Malachite Bead Gemstone Bracelet


Key words: Enlightened leadership, creativity, confidence, protection, a healed heart

Chakras: Solar plexus, heart

Malachite Crystal Healing Properties:
The energy of Malachite strengthens our ability to take action in the world, to create and manifest form from our thoughts and ideas. It can help us find the resolve to overcome difficulty and the integrity to stay true to our direction. It is a powerful protection stone that reveals energetic and emotional boundaries and helps us to honour those boundaries in ourselves and others. It has been traditionally used to help in the treatment of torn muscles, swollen joints and arthritis. It can help bring restful sleep by creating a sense of calm and peace. In Indian Ayurvedic medicine it is believed to treat kidney disorders.

Size:  8mm

Weight:  .05 lbs.



Malachite is a protection stone.  It absorbs negative energies and pollutants from the atmosphere and the body.  Use Malachite to guard against radiation of all kinds.  It clears electro-magnetic pollution and heals earth energies.  Place near microwaves and televisions to absorb radiation.  Use Malachite in the workplace to protect against noise, over-bright fluorescent lighting, and harmful rays from technological equipment, negative phone calls and emails.  Malachite protects and overcomes fears of flying.  It helps ease jet lag.  The gemstone encourages smooth business travel and provides protection when traveling on congested highways.  Do not use any Malachite elixir.  Do not place any malachite in your mouth.  If you use this stone, use common sense.  Use only polished stones!  Wear or carry Malachite to experience these benefits.*

*The gemstones shown on this site are products of nature, and as such, they are subject to natural variations in color, veining, and spotting.  While all our gemstones are beautiful, they can vary, and the product shown in the picture may not match exactly to the product you may receive. However, all orders placed with Terram Olei Wellness have a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Additional information

Weight 0.05 lbs
Dimensions 0.250 × 0.250 × 0.020 in

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