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Aquamarine is an excellent stone for teachers and presenters. It helps to overcome the fear of speaking. It relaxes the speaker and enables them to articulate. Announce want to speak clearly and without difficulty. It helps judgmental people to be more tolerant. It helps to increase perseverance, discipline and lightheartedness. Tabs to increase compromise and negotiation.


Aquamarine is calming, soothing, and cleansing. It is a great gemstone to use to inspire truth, trust and letting go.  Use to protect all who travel by, over, or near water.  Aquamarine opens the channels of clear and heartfelt communication.   It helps overcome the fear of speaking.  Therefore, it is an excellent stone for teachers and presenters of all types.  Aquamarine also allows one to speak clearly and without anger in difficult situations. The gemstone accelerates the intellectual reasoning processes and enhances the ability for rapid response.  It makes one unconquerable through learning, not only about the physical world, but about oneself.  It bestows perseverance, discipline and light heartedness.  Wear or carry  to experience these benefits.*

*The gemstones shown on this site are products of nature, and as such, they are subject to natural variations in color, veining, and spotting.  While all our gemstones are beautiful, they can vary, and the product shown in the picture may not match exactly to the product you may receive. However, all orders placed with Terram Olei Wellness have a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

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Weight .02 lbs
Dimensions 0.0833 × 0.0833 in

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