Green Aventurine is a stone of healing, abundance and growth.  This stone helps to absorb electromagnetic smog and guard against environmental pollution.  This gemstone stimulates the physical growth of premature infants, young children and teenagers.  It increases overall vitality and enhances intellectual development of children struggling with schoolwork and destructive hyperactivity.  Green Aventurine assists adults with written work, typing and computer skills.  This is a beneficial stone to use to overcoming clumsiness.   Green Aventurine is beneficial for eczema, rosacea, juvenile acne, and other skin problems. Use Green Aventurine for soothing quick-tempers or brutal temperaments.  This is a good stone for diminishing the effects of domestic strife between spouses.  Wear or carry Green Aventurine to experience these benefits.*

*The gemstones shown on this site are products of nature, and as such, they are subject to natural variations in color, veining, and spotting.  While all our gemstones are beautiful, they can vary, and the product shown in the picture may not match exactly to the product you may receive. However, all orders placed with Terram Olei Wellness have a 100% satisfaction guarantee!