Dalmation Jasper reduces or removes disillusionment.  It helps one to see strengths and weaknesses.  This is a great gemstone that encourages grounding both with the Earth and reality.  Dalmation Jasper increases loyalty and is beneficial for long term relationships.  It brings a sense of fun to ones life.  This stone can help purify the blood.  Use Dalmation Jasper for protection from nightmares, depression, and negative thinking.  Good gemstone for those having trouble relaxing and having fun.  Wear or carry Dalmation Jasper to experience these benefits.*

*The gemstones shown on this site are products of nature, and as such, they are subject to natural variations in color, veining, and spotting.  While all our gemstones are beautiful, they can vary, and the product shown in the picture may not match exactly to the product you may receive. However, all orders placed with Terram Olei Wellness have a 100% satisfaction guarantee!