Cobalt Blue Third Eye Chakra Singing Bowl Set


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This line of chakra singing bowls blends the bright color and symbol of each chakra into its design. Each bowl comes with a gift box and multi-colored cushion ring.  The exquisite bowl will add interest, charm and color to any space or sacred place.

The striker can be used in two ways to produce sound. It can be used to gently tap the side of the bowl, which produces a ringing sound, similar to a bell. Or, it can be run along the rim of the bowl to produce a hum. The hum will intensify with each pass of the wooden dowel and the bowl will sing.

Cobalt Blue Third Eye Chakra Singing Bowl Set

Weight 1.80 lbs

Height:  2.5”

Diameter:  5.0”

Please note: Not tuned to specific chakra tone.  View beginners guide to playing your singing bowl video below.

Out of stock



Tibetan singing bowls have been used for centuries for healing and meditation.  We can train our brain waves to synchronize with the sounds of the bowl to help with the healing process to combat depression and stress disorders.  The tones emitted from the bowls prepare your brain for the so a deep meditation.  This meditative state will also help foster intuitive messages and creative thinking.  The sound therapy from singing bowls is used in meditation, healing and prayers.  Traditionally the bowls are made of seven metals each of the metals denotes the planets.  Gold: the sun.  Silver:  the Moon. Mercury: Mercury.  Copper: Venus.  Iron: Mars.  Tin: Jupiter Lead: Saturn

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Weight 1.80 lbs
Dimensions 0.416 × 0.416 × 0.208 in

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