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Green Dragon Market

955 North State Street, Building #1 Ephrata, PA 17522


9AM – 9PM

Due to the COVID-19 Outbreak, our market store is closed until further notice.  Our online store is open 24/7!

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What Our Customers Say

My Reiki session with Sophia was wonderful.  I felt very relaxed and comfortable that I fell asleep.  I could feel the healing energy from her hands as she moved them to different areas of my body.  This was a great relaxing experience I will do again.  Specially to relieve the stresses of my job as a teacher.” 

Sarah C.

“This was amazing!  I felt wonderful warming sensations throughout my whole body.   At the completion of the session my mind and insides were suddenly so bright with light and I felt so relaxed and at peace; beautiful, wonderful!”

Nicky F.

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So many people today are in it for the quick sale.  Not Sophia!  She patiently explained safety regarding essential oils, how to choose a salt lamp and the healing properties of various crystals.  She has also helped with balancing my chakras.  I am so grateful to Sophia on so many levels.”

Jean E.