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About Terram Olei Wellness

Terram Olei Wellness offers a broad range of holistic natural health products.

These include therapeutic grade essential oils, Himalayan Salt products, handmade gemstone jewelry and spiritual crystals.  You’ll also find meditation aids such as candles, singing bowls, sage bundles and more!

Our alternative wellness center offers the best in Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Energy Healing and Halotherapy to nurture a healthy mind, body and spirit.

About Sophia Harmes, Ph.D.

Sophia Harmes is the owner and operator of Terram Olei Wellness Center offering holistic natural health products and services.  She has earned a PhD in Energy and Environmental Policy. 

Her dissertation research was in Zambia among the Chewa ethnic group on sustainable food production. 

As a certified Reiki Master, she’s also completed certificate courses in Crystal and Gemstone energy.  Additionally, she is certified in Chakra Balancing and aromatherapy.  

Experienced in the production and use of essential oils, CBD products, crystals and Halotherapy.  Sophia is passionate about alternative health and wellness and creating custom made gemstone jewelry and meditation aids.

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“So many people today are in it for the quick sale.  Not Sophia!  She patiently explained safety regarding essential oils, how to choose a salt lamp and the healing properties of various crystals.  She has also helped with balancing my chakras.  I am so grateful on many levels.”

Jean E.

“My Reiki session with Sophia was wonderful.  I felt very relaxed and comfortable that I fell asleep.  I could feel the healing energy from her hands as she moved them to different areas of my body.  This was a great relaxing experience I will do again.  Specially to relieve the stresses of my job as a teacher.” 

Sarah C.

“This was amazing!  I felt wonderful warming sensations throughout my whole body.  Warm, calm feelings deep inside.  My back that normally aches greatly felt light and when I awoke from the session the ache that is normally great was small.  I had an earache for about 6 weeks now, that I didn’t event tell Sophia about before hand.  During this session a really warm, nasty oozing feeling of drainage flowed out of my sore ear and not that I am awake my ear only aches a little bit.  At the completion of the session my mind and insides were suddenly so bright with light and I felt so relaxed and at peace; beautiful, wonderful!”

Nicky F.

“When I had energy healing with gemstones and relaxation techniques from Sophia, I felt healing that was unbelievable.  felt relaxation beyond belief.  I could actually feel the healing energy unlike anything my medicines could provide for me.  It was amazing to me that I could feel the energy from the stones drawing my aches out and making me feel actual relief.  The flowing energy of the gemstones also set my mind at ease and made me feel a sense that every part of me was in touch with that energy.  After a series of treatments, I had to go off my beta blockers because my blood pressure had lowered so much that I no longer needed those medicines.  I felt more energy and I felt less stress, instead of exhaustion and anxiousness like I had been feeling when I first started. Overall the changes I felt were incredible and helped my health and me so much!  I recommend an Energy Healing session with Sophia.  She is very good at what she does.” 

Nicole B.