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About Terram Olei Wellness

Terram Olei Wellness is a natural wellness center that offers a broad range of holistic natural health and wellness products.  Your one stop shop for therapeutic grade essential oils, Himalayan Salt products, handmade gemstone jewelry, spiritual crystals, and meditation items such as candles, singing bowls, sage bundles and more!

Our alternative, natural wellness center offers the best in Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Energy Healing and Halotherapy to nurture a healthy mind, body and spirit.

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Now is the time to treat yourself!! You can purchase 3 services at one time and enjoy a savings of $70!

Reserve 3 sessions of chakra balancing for $225 (save $30!!!)

Reserve 3 sessions of 60-min Reiki sessions for $175 (save $20!!!)

Reserve 3 sessions of crystal healing for $225 (save $30!!!)

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 This Month’s Product Feature

Singing Bowls

This line of chakra singing bowls blends the bright color and symbol of each chakra into its design. Each bowl comes with a gift box and multi-colored cushion ring. The exquisite bowl will add interest, charm and color to any space or sacred place.

colorful hand drawn mandala

What Our Customers Say

My Reiki session with Sophia was wonderful.  I felt very relaxed and comfortable that I fell asleep.  I could feel the healing energy from her hands as she moved them to different areas of my body.  This was a great relaxing experience I will do again.  Specially to relieve the stresses of my job as a teacher.” 

Sarah C.

“This was amazing!  I felt wonderful warming sensations throughout my whole body.   At the completion of the session my mind and insides were suddenly so bright with light and I felt so relaxed and at peace; beautiful, wonderful!”

Nicky F. 

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So many people today are in it for the quick sale.  Not Sophia!  She patiently explained safety regarding essential oils, how to choose a salt lamp and the healing properties of various crystals.  She has also helped with balancing my chakras.  I am so grateful to Sophia on so many levels.”

Jean E.

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